What our clients have to say about our products

Rakshanda Rathore


I have worked on multiple projects with Verth and absolutely loved the experience. What makes them stand out is their eclectic collection of products and quirky ideas. Shreya and Renata truly get your brief and ensure an impeccable delivery.

Arpita Sharma

Wishmaker Event

Working with Renata and Shreya has been an absolute pleasure, and I cannot speak highly enough of their dedication, creativity, and commitment to excellence. One of the standout qualities is their unwavering commitment to sustainability. Their dedication to using recycled materials, reducing waste, and implementing sustainable practices is truly commendable. In lot of ways, Verth has untangled the fuss around ‘sustainability’ and made it simple, accessible and certainly ‘buyable'! Moreover, their attention to detail and the quality of their work is exceptional.

Moonmoon Mukherjee

Better and Apparel Group

I have been working with Verth for almost 3/4 years now, and it's been such a smooth sailing. Both Shreya and Renata are such warm people and their products stand up to the high standards. My employees have always loved their amazing products. Keep up the great job.

Kim-Anh Nguyen


These are wonderful and have surpassed my expectations!!! Thank you for the lovely attention to detail. I am especially thrilled to not only support a woman-owned business but that you also have a focus on sustainability – something that Adobe also has a passion for!

Kashish Qureshi


Working & coordinating with Verth was a walk in the park. The products are always of top notch quality & durability with 100% customization. Seamless coordination and quality delivery is one of the biggest reasons we will keep visiting them in the future.